• Technology
  • Contents of pre-diabetes stage

Contents of Pre-diabetes

Implementation of contents development technology based on four major diseases of R&D
  • 01


    Result of clinical Trials,

    Literature Review

    Actual Target Feedback

  • 02

    Verification of

    Operation of Living Lab

    Prototype Contents

    Pilot Test

  • 03


    Installation of Various platforms

    Off-line Center

    Content Provision

Primary Technologies

  • 아이콘

    Contents development technologies based on diabetes R&D

  • 아이콘

    Development and evaluation tools for health status measurement of pre-diabetes

  • 아이콘

    Marine Healing Programs

Development of healthcare contents based on pre-diabetes (metabolic syndrome) R&D

Management Service for Metabolic Syndrome

  • Development of customized contents/services for metabolic syndrome in Marine Healing Center
  • National Marine Healing Center provides exercise management program for pre-diabetes stage
  • Accumulation of feedback data according to program provision