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FITCovery Brand

Development of exercise contents verified via clinical trials and establishment of
customized off-line center via exercise devices based on motion recognition-based
Customized off-line center

FITCovery Center

Customized exercise program
  • · sarcopenia / individuals who have experience of cancer / mild cognitive impairment / stage of pre-diabetes
  • · Training via key equipment for differentiation
Customized recovery program
  • · Recovery Care Service
  • · Care after exercise and active human networking lounge
Doctor Exsol with public confidence and expertise

Rational solution for
FITCovery Center



  • Patients with four major diseases (sarcopenia, cancer experience, mild cognitive impairment and, pre-diabetes stage)
  • Including the early stages without being diagnosed of the four major diseases, and the stage of suspicion
  • Identifying the characteristics of seniors and suggesting customized programs by age


  • Although there is a high interest and willingness to invest in exercise and health, there is lack of public confidence, professional sports institutions, and healthcare contents.
  • There is lack of access to institutions or contents that can provide customized exercise programs, so it reduces exercise persistence
  • Planning to secure clients via contents and facilities based on the research power and public confidence of Dr. Exsol
Healthcare solutions centered on social values
Solutions for identifying and preventing social health problems in the future
  • Start-up companies approved by Seoul National University, and development and advancement of exercise contents with professional research power
  • Available to provide personalized exercise contents constantly via BIG DATA analysis
  • Providing a variety of recovery (recovery) experiences via Dr. Exsol FITCovery CENTER
  • Fostering and issuing licenses via the educational programs certified by Dr. Exsol FITMATE
Brand partnership strategies for

distribution and diffusion

Issuing a license for content use certification and education program developed by Dr. Exsol

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    Issuing a license

    Issuing a license for use of Dr. Exsol contents

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    Progress of education

    Implementing regular trainings for leaders

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