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Advisory Committe

  • Clinical Advice

    Cho, Biryong

    Professor<br />  Cho, Biryong
    아이콘 Professor of Family Medicine at Seoul National University Hospital
    • Head of the National Health Knowledge Center
    • Head of Public Medical Center of Seoul National University Hospital
    • Director of the Korean Geriatric Society and the Korean Academy of Family Medicine
    • Geriatric Center, exchange professor at University of Michigan & Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
  • AI/Data Science Advisory

    Jang, Byungtak

    Professor<br /> Jang, Byungtak
    아이콘 Head of AI Research Institute of Seoul National University
    • President of the Brain Engineering Society of Korea
    • Director of Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)
    • Seoul Smart City Committee and New Technology Service Deliberation Committee
    • Chairman of National Association of Cognitive Science Industries
  • Clinical Advice

    Lim, Jaeyoung

    Professor<br /> Lim, Jaeyoung
    아이콘 Head of the department of rehabilitation medicine at Seoul National University Hospital
    • Chairman of the Korean Sports Science and Sports Medicine Association
    • General Director of the Korean Society for Sarcopenia
    • Education Director of the Korean Society for Rehabilitation of the Elderly
    • Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Harvard Medical School
  • Clinical Advice

    Lim, Soo

    Professor<br /> Lim, Soo
    아이콘 Professor of Endocrinology at Seoul National University Hospital
    • Special Director of the Korean Endocrinology Society
    • Academic Director of the Korean Society for the Study of Obesity
    • Non-executive director of the Korean Diabetes Association
    • Academic Director of Korean Society of Cardio Metabolic Syndrome
  • Clinical Advice

    Noh, Dongyoung

    Professor<br /> Noh, Dongyoung
    아이콘 Director of Cha Bio Complex in Gangnam
    • President of research department at Seoul National University
    • Chairman of the Korea Cancer Association
    • Chairman of the Korea Breast Cancer Foundation
    • Head of Seoul National University Cancer Center
  • Nutrition

    Yoon, Jihyun

    Professor<br /> Yoon, Jihyun
    아이콘 Professor of Food and Nutrition at Seoul National University
    • President of the East Asian Society of Dietary Life
    • Vice President of the Korean Society of Dietary Education / The Korea Society of Food Service Satination/ The Korean Home Economics Association
    • Academic Director of the Korean Society for Community Nutrition
    • Director of Foreign Cooperation at the Korean Society of Health